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Full-Day School Curriculum

As a private school, without the restrictions and pressures most public schools face, we are able to discard ineffective methods and adopt materials and procedures that efficiently solve educational problems. We apply predictable solutions to problems through custom-tailored instruction and ongoing evaluation.

Our full-day curriculum covers the core subject areas of reading comprehension, vocabulary development, English grammar, composition, math, science and social studies. We also offer instruction in computers, physical education, health, Spanish, art, music and ACT/SAT preparation. All programs are custom designed to meet each student's unique learning objectives and academic needs.

Developing strong study skills is an important component of our program. Woven into our courses is the Accelerated Thinking 5-5-5 procedure, which dramatically improves students' ability to listen–think–read–speak–write–as well as organize and retain information. We also teach students how to be more active and effective listeners, take meaningful notes, communicate both orally and in written form, study for tests and manage their time throughout the process.

In addition, Accelerated Schools helps students develop better social skills by guiding them through more positive interactions with other students and teachers.

We schedule a wide variety of educational field trips throughout the metropolitan area and also participate in community service projects throughout the school year as another way of integrating real-life experiences with classroom learning.