2014/2015 School Year Begins on August 21


    The 2014-2015 school calendar has been finalized.  Students will return to school on Thursday, August 21, with a half day of classes.

    There are several changes to the school's calendar this year:

1.  The school day will be 15 minutes longer.  Monday through Thursday, full-day classes will be dismissed at 3:15 pm, while early dismissal days and Fridays will end at 1:15 pm.

2.  Three days have been added at the end of the school year,  May 26 - 28, which are designated Emergency Closure Days.  These days will be used if there are closures due to unexpected emergency and/or inclement weather this school year.  So the school year could last until May 28.

3.  Students will no longer have early dismissal on both final exam days.  They will have an early dismissal only on the last day of each semester.